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In June of 2019 I exhaled a sigh of relief after leaving an exhausting elementary teaching job to pursue art full-time, but over the next year, I logged into my bank account with trepidation. I made a couple big sales but feared finding out the amount of money I actually made come tax season. And I was too embarrassed to tell my parents that I was on Medicaid, living below the poverty line. Since then, I decided to stop playing small and build the career I've always dreamed of. Now, my business generates 6 figures annually, I operate out of a 1,700 sf storefront studio, and my wife and I own our dream home in the heart of the city along with an investment property. I've worked with high-end galleries around the country and made sales to professional athletes and major corporations.


Every week I encounter extraordinarily talented people who haven't quite cracked the code to live the life they deserve. If you're interested in my coaching services, shoot me an email at  


Initial Strategy Call

60 minutes or enough for you to feel like you have clarity about your next moves. This includes some pre-call homework so that we can make the most out of our time together.


Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

60 Minute Initial Strategy Call and 30 minute check-in every other week, + emailing as I have time. Accountability is the name of the game.


Best Friends

It takes time to peel back the layers and figure out what's really holding you back. We'll dig deep, confront your fears, and set you free. Schedule a call or shoot me an email anytime and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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