Gallery U Invitational in Allentown, PA

Sometimes being in the right place in the right time is everything. When I arrived at the gallery, the assistant said she had a man from Nigeria she wanted me to meet. He introduced himself as Ibiyinka Alao, the Art Ambassador of the United Nations. Here's a timeline of how I prepared for this installation:

Monday: Gallery liaison confirms that I am in fact doing the installation.

Thursday Night: Begin cutting out and painting shapes from foam core and wood. Sleep 3 hours.

Friday: Finish preparation of shapes, and load them into/onto my car. Go to bed at 3 AM.


7 AM - Wilson and Associates depart for Allentown.

7:30 - Tarp and rope holding down rectangle on top of my car begins coming undone:

We stopped to tie it back down, hopefully more securely.

8 AM - Loud flapping sound on top of the roof. Pull off the interstate. Duct tape it down.

8:30-9:30 - Pull off the interstate at least 3 or 4 more times to tie it back down. Eventually we had to ditch (quite literally) the rectangles on top of the car and put the 2x4s inside.

10 AM - 1 PM - Remainder of drive is uneventful.

1 PM - Arrive at gallery. Unload shapes. Meet Art Ambassador of The United Nations.

1:30 - Harassed by street man for my poor parking job (he wasn't wrong though). Lunch at Qdoba.

2:15 - Return to gallery, begin hanging shapes from the ceiling.

5:00 - Ibi's opening in the main gallery.

10:00 - Finish setting up the installation. Sketchy elevator ride. Picture with Ibi.

10:30 - Dunkin Donuts. Depart for Harrisonburg.


2:30 AM - Return to Harrisonburg.

8:30 AM - Church

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